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Merry Go Round rock at sunset.

Let the romance with red rock country begin. 

Getting married in the beautiful red rock country of Sedona, Arizona is an easy choice. Getting the details taken care for a destination wedding can be challenging, but you can rely on Sedona Wedding Artists to be there to answer your questions, make suggestions and help you during the process of planning your red rock wedding.

Sedona Wedding Artists is a group of wedding professionsals who are independant artists of one kind or another. We all take enormous pride in what we do, we do it well and we feel good about recommending each other and working together to make your wedding picture perfect. One more thing we share is a belief in honesty, fair treatment, giving good value in our services and having fun with our work whenever possible.

Another way to say what this - Sedona Wedding Artists web page is a nice way to recommend nice people who do a wonderful job. Please contact each one individually for a consultation.

...And have the time of your life, planning the wedding of a lifetime.


Gari Gold Richardson -  Owner with Peter Richardson,  of Sedona Fine Art of Flowers 

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